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Does my LOMS come with a key for the TSA lock?

No, the key is for TSA agents. TSA has a key to use in case they need to inspect your bag while traveling.

How can I contact LOMS?

Please visit our contact page.

How can I get my LOMS monogrammed?

LOMS can be monogrammed on the leather patch on the backside of your suitcase. Some dealers have the ability to monogram at the point of purchase. However if the point of purchase did not offer that service please contact us and we will be happy to monogram a patch and send it to you free of charge so you can replace the one on your suitcase.

How do I set or change the number on my TSA combination lock?

What is the warranty for my LOMS product?

Please view our warranty page for more information.

Where do I bring my LOMS product for service or warranty?

Any authorized dealer of LOMS will be able to assist you with any service or warranty needs. You can locate the closest authorized dealer by clicking where to buy. You may also contact LOMS headquarters at 858-486-7007.