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What makes LOMS different?

LOMS is committed to manufacturing the highest quality luggage in the United States. We have hand picked and customized almost every single part of the case including the polycarbonate, colors and carbon fiber band. Our signature diamond pattern was engineered to provide the suitcase with superior strength, flexibility and durability both in horizontal and vertical directions. Our polycarbonate is not anywhere near standard or off the shelf. It starts out as pellets that are mixed with the custom color in order to ensure the color is throughout the entire shell and not just a top layer or film. We then add metallic flakes in order to add even more strength. The corners of our cases are thicker in order to provide supreme resistance to major impact. No two LOMS cases are the same as each single case is handmade and handbuilt. Each leather hinge is hand cut and dyed. Each carbon fiber band is hand molded. Every single screw is hand tightened. We take extreme pride in hand building the ultimate suitcase. Those are just a few examples of how each LOMS case is just unique as each person who will use it.