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LOMS uses a 100% Virgin "American Made" polycarbonate. Our polycarbonate is extremely flexible and impact resistant. By being flexible it allows LOMS cases to be overpacked like a nylon suitcase and have the polycarbonate bend around the contents inside and still close. The impact resistance allows LOMS to have incredible strength for any abuse they will incur while traveling. Another key feature of LOMS polycarbonate is that the custom color run throughout the entire polycarbonate. This minimizes the amount of scratching and scuffing since the top layer is the same as the underneath layers.
One of the strongest and lightest materials in the world that you will find on airplanes, spaceships, yachts and race cars. Carbon Fiber is 5X stronger than steel. LOMS uses carbon fiber on the front on each suitcase to give extra strength and support to each case. It also allows our cases to close under pressure while zipping.
LOMS uses a dual caster 360 degree spinner wheel to make travel effortless. Each LOMS case is designed to roll extremely smooth over any surface whether packed full or empty. Since the spinner wheels will get some of the most use LOMS made sure to use one of the highest quality wheels possible. We also engineered the wheels to take up minimal space inside the suitcases to maximize the interior space.